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That 's all right?What do you mean?Here all the crazy.Say you...On the phone. "Very excited, and tan but do not want to mention," well, I'm packing.Empty it."Then hang up on me.

Barbecue stall night business is very good, while in weekdays, seldom eat this kind of food.I know a lot of people like to eat, but to eat and bon vivant Wang Zhanlin would like to eat this food, this let edge in some strange feeling.

They walked to the door, caught hold of Wang Zhanlin and Liu lan.Wang Zhanlin inadvertently back also saw edge Tan and the Junzheng smiled and walked out.

Constant demand side in hurry to unit, said that he had missed the lovesickness, now have no appetite is thin.

Are you sure.King show stay calm in face of disasters cover inner joy, he immediately went up and hugged and tan, "I know you want me."

Zhang old man hunched over, stilts generally legs wearing this a hunchback, go on the side in front, pointing at a short man say, "get the girl student entry procedures!Immediately arrange training."

Liao Shulin is something of a literary flavor of the young people, ferial like poetry, accounting business ability is quite high, humanness is genial, low-key style, in the financial system has high prestige.

"Students, do you need help?"While its head, to see a sweating boy standing in front of their own, allowing no explanation from their hand luggage, walk as if on wings of threw himself behind.

She saw that the king Zhanlin has not come back, called the waiter to go to the bathroom door.A room without lock, open, it is be dead drunk Wang Zhanlin.Zhang Huilan hurried to get him up, took a taxi to a nearby hotel.

"You don't want to say, when I have not asked."Fat elder sister voice was a little sorry about privacy.